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I’ll never forget the moment when Pastor Matt burst through my office saying, “Greg, we’ve got to go! There’s an active shooter down the street at our local grocery store.”  The first question I asked was, “Are they detained?” To which he responded, “Don’t know. Let’s go serve our city!” When we got there, we […]
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I still have them. By “them” I mean the slew of copy-and-pasted text messages I sent to several brothers in Christ the morning of July 9, 2021, soon after listening to the first episode of Christianity Today’s “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” podcast. The text message I sent to each of these men was […]
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I recently met a pastor in passing who offered me encouragement regarding our upcoming church plant. He pastors a massive church (several thousand) so he took the opportunity to overflow some of his wisdom in our direction. As we talked, I realized his methods would undoubtedly bring people in the door, but they seemed to […]