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I recently met a pastor in passing who offered me encouragement regarding our upcoming church plant. He pastors a massive church (several thousand) so he took the opportunity to overflow some of his wisdom in our direction. As we talked, I realized his methods would undoubtedly bring people in the door, but they seemed to […]
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There’s an old story about an English professor who was trying to illustrate how differently men and women think. So the professor wrote these 5 words on the blackboard and directed his students to punctuate them correctly: “Woman without her man is a savage.” As you might imagine, the men and the women took two […]
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Wokeness is not surprising. It is normal behavior for a world filled with sin. But when believers begin to cave to the culture and blow over in the wind of deviant doctrine, that can be surprising — mostly, disturbing.  If you’re not familiar with a baseline definition of “wokeness,” here is one from Owen Strachan who wrote Christianity and […]