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I’ll never forget the moment when Pastor Matt burst through my office saying, “Greg, we’ve got to go! There’s an active shooter down the street at our local grocery store.”  The first question I asked was, “Are they detained?” To which he responded, “Don’t know. Let’s go serve our city!” When we got there, we […]
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As a marketing expert turned evangelism enthusiast, I’ve launched many online-driven video outreaches with Anchored North that have reached millions with the gospel. I love thinking of creative ways to reach the lost and training others to do the same.  Unfortunately, many Christians are uninterested and uneducated in utilizing video to reach their friends and […]
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Stories are the language of the human heart. They have the power to captivate listeners with their relatable desires, conflicts, and struggles. Stories also have the power to define individuals, families, societies, and nations.  One storytelling expert said, “Stories are 2 to 10 times more memorable than facts alone. And that’s why the most influential […]
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Our world is deeply fallen.  In the midst of our pain and fallenness, voices are crying out for social reform, for economic redistribution, and for major institutional changes to the educational system and law enforcement.  After thousands of years of human history, our world is still blinded to the reality that the heart of the […]