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I still have them. By “them” I mean the slew of copy-and-pasted text messages I sent to several brothers in Christ the morning of July 9, 2021, soon after listening to the first episode of Christianity Today’s “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” podcast. The text message I sent to each of these men was […]
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We have all heard some version of the statement: “I love Jesus, I’m just not into theology.” Or, “I know the gospel, which is all the doctrine I need.” Or, “learning doctrine and theology is for those stuffy seminary types.” Or, “Jesus + Nothing = Everything.”  Statements like these have an initial appeal. They sound […]
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One of the more-frequently misapplied passages of Scripture is Matthew 18:20, where the Lord Jesus is recorded as saying: “For where two or three have gathered in My name, I am there in their midst.” Whether this verse is thrown around at a men’s prayer breakfast, a church potluck, or a small group conversation in […]
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One of the “joys” of approaching the middle-aged years is the reality of more frequent medical check-ups. In my case, this means more cold stethoscopes being placed against my chest, to make sure my heart is still functioning properly. It means more blinding light shining into my eyes, to make sure both pupils are dilating […]