When I launched this site a few years ago, it was only a blog. At that time, my publisher asked that I have one so that I could promote books to people who find my articles helpful. When discussing the whole idea with my wife, we both agreed that naming something “Costi Hinn Ministries” was not a direction we wanted to go. Long story short, we decided that if this blog ever morphed into something more, it would be synonymous with Jesus and His gospel — and be run the right way. Thus, For the Gospel was born, though not officially incorporated until 2020. 

Long removed from those early discussions, FTG is now led by godly individuals who are doctrinally aligned, excel in character, creativity, and are actively faithful in their local church. We are in awe of how fast God has grown this ministry while at the same time knowing we must be sober-minded and strategic with what He has provided. 

With things off to a fast start and generous individuals enabling our effort, I thought it would reflect the heart of our ministry philosophy to let you know up front how we handle your giving.

Our annual budget for this first year of ministry is $226,000, with the majority of that budget driving resources through viral media, film, marketing, and strategic teaching projects aimed at reaching multiple generations with sound doctrine in everyday language. During this first quarter, our blog is being read in over 170 countries, our podcast is being downloaded in 111 countries, and we’ve only just begun to release the library of video resources we’ve been putting together behind the scenes. 

How We Handle Money

If you give to For the Gospel, you’re not only making incredible resources available to people, you’re also helping us build a creative team, hire the right people, invest in creative excellence, and embark on strategic projects for the future. 

Being that I came out of the prosperity gospel, leading a non-profit ministry with integrity is of the utmost importance. Therefore, the following principles and practices anchor the way FTG handles your generous gifts: 

1. We view your generosity as a sacred responsibility

As generous gifts come in, we don’t view this with a sense of entitlement, we view it as sacred. Money isn’t what ministry is about, yet it propels ministry initiatives forward. The fact that people would give to what God has called us to do through this ministry is evidence that He is trusting us — and people are too. That is sacred ground and invokes a healthy fear of the Lord. This healthy fear of the Lord undergirds all financial dealings at For the Gospel.

2. We value accountability and transparency

Our team has a unique background in a variety of ministry contexts and the simple truth is: we have all seen what happens when a non-profit ministry lacks accountability and transparency. From day one, our board agreed that we would employ third party accounting services, conduct audits, and apply for EFCA membership by the end of our first fiscal year. If we’re going to unapologetically ask you to give to what FTG is doing, then we strongly believe that accountability and transparency should mark our ministry. At the end of each fiscal year, we will publish an annual report that will be made available to our donors and the general public right here on our website.

3. We believe in maximizing every dollar for resources

Our ministry strategy involves maximizing every dollar so that it produces the maximum amount of resources over the long-term. In other words, we minimize needless expenses so we can maximize essential ones. When you give, your money isn’t paying high salaries for non-profit executives to pad their financial stats and enjoy a more comfortable life. Your money is propelling free resources, hiring people who are extremely gifted in creative arts and marketing, helping us create targeted campaigns to go after demographics being exposed to false teaching or cultural philosophies, covering film expenses and high quality editing, as well as fueling day-to-day operational expenses that help us saturate social media platforms with gospel-rich media. 

A New Era for Resource Ministry

While we cheer the movements and ministries of decades past, we believe that a new era of ministry is beginning for those in Christian resourcing. The future for FTG does not involve spending millions of dollars on terrestrial radio, shying away from viral media, or downplaying an emphasis on creativity. God uses all of these! The future for us involves uncompromising gospel teaching, a relentless commitment to creativity, innovating with new media methods, targeted marketing, and influencing the minds of the next generation for God’s glory and their good. 

If you’re able, I want to encourage you to give a one-time gift, or help us make more accurate annual budget predictions moving forward by clicking here to set up reoccurring giving. 

Thank you for giving, trusting, and praying. May God multiple our efforts together for the gospel. 

In Christ, 

Costi W. Hinn, Founder & President of For the Gospel Ministries

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Comments to: How FTG Handles Your Giving
  • Avatar
    February 25, 2021

    Pastor Costi,

    I am so, so proud of your work for Christ, and I am in awe of your consistency. What a great example of discipleship you have been to the Christian community! I’m also glad that follow you and Redeemer Bible Church where I get excellent teaching since leaving a NAR church. I look forward to supporting financially and resourcefully I. Other ways that I can. Godspeed, Costi Hinn!

  • Avatar
    February 25, 2021

    Pastor Costi,
    I am so, so proud of your work for Christ, and I am in awe of your consistency. What a great example of discipleship you have shown to the Christian community! I\’m also glad that I found you and Redeemer Bible Church online where I get excellent teaching since leaving a NAR church.

    I look forward to supporting you financially and resourcefully in other ways that I can.

    Godspeed, Costi Hinn!

  • Avatar
    March 1, 2021

    Absolutely! Hidden lessons from our past and we will not hide these truths from our children we will tell the next generation. God bless us all!


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