Today is the day!

For the Gospel has officially made the transition from my personal blog to a multi-faceted resource ministry that exists to provide sound doctrine for everyday people.

Our incredible team, led by Brett Skinner (Executive Director), Reagan Rose (Digital Director), Justin Bond (Creative Director), and myself (President), have been plugging away behind the scenes for a couple of months to get Phase 1 rolling. There is much more to come in future phases (Lord willing).

Here is what we have in store for you:

  1. Weekly Podcast: Every Monday we’ll drop new episodes on our “For the Gospel Podcast.” It’s featured on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. I have had the privilege of podcasting on dozens of shows over the past few years (and I am thankful), but I can’t overstate how excited I am to host one central podcast with this ministry. We have a stellar lineup of shows already in the queue with our team, and guests like Nancy Guthrie, Randy Alcorn, Lee Strobel, Carl Trueman, Kristyn Getty, and more. Through this podcast, we want to help everyone grasp theological truths in simple ways, and inspire you to live for the gospel.
  2. Weekly Articles: Every Thursday we’ll drop a new article. We’ll cover numerous topics and aim for content that you can put into practice right away. Throughout the year, there will be weeks when multiple articles release, a special series is featured, and current events are covered through a biblical worldview.
  3. Reliable Contributors: This seems basic, but it’s a big deal. In today’s evangelical culture, it’s not as easy as it used to be to find reliable sources of truth along with pastors, church leaders, teachers, and writers you can trust. Our contributors are doctrinally sound, doctrinally aligned, and get the “hook” if they go rogue theologically. Their bios, church roles, and church locations are available on our team page. While our ministry doctrinal position may not be something every school of thought agrees with across the board, you can trust that we’ll be consistent to what we say we believe and teach. Is there room for robust dialogue and respect for varying orthodox views? Certainly. But we won’t mince words about what Scripture makes clear — especially when it comes to the gospel. As far as who comes aboard as a contributor, that specially falls under my role and is something I will take seriously both now, and in the days to come.
  4. Resource Giveaways: What good is a resource ministry if it doesn’t give away resources? Thankfully, the Lord has graciously opened doors for us to partner with publishers like Crossway, Banner of Truth, Zondervan, Christian Focus, and Logos to provide books, Bibles, and seminars for our followers and subscribers. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and subscribe to our podcast and YouTube channel.
  5. Social Media: The teen suicide rate is up 56%, young people endlessly scroll and swipe looking for purpose, and Gen-Z is history’s first “5-screen” generation; raised knowing only of a tech-filled world. Compound that with the fact that all generations are now interacting with a screen on a daily basis, and we don’t have to look far for a mission field. Yes, we believe strongly in going (in person) around the world to preach the gospel. We also believe strongly in going to where people are congregating in mass: cell phone screens. We will use all major social media platforms (and ones not even invented yet) to proclaim the Gospel, make sound doctrine easily accessible, and reach the minds of the next generation.
  6. Training Courses: We’ve solidified partners and strategized with our contributors to offer free training courses on theology, parenting, biblical studies, and much more. Paying to go to school for a seminary degree may be necessary for some, but it is not for all. For the Gospel exists to bridge that gap and ensure that local churches, pastors, and people around the world are provided with sound doctrine they can use every day.
  7. Global Initiatives: Simply put, we want to reach people around the world and take the gospel to places it has never been. Whether through fundraising and sending missionaries to unreached people groups, or by facilitating short-term missions world to support global partners, For the Gospel is determined to see the “Church” as one body united across many nations.

As we spend the remainder of the year getting you better acquainted with our resources, we pray our collective focus will be on the unashamed proclamation of the gospel, a genuine confidence in the power of the gospel, and the desire to pay close attention to how we live and what we believe (Romans 1:16-17; 1 Timothy 4:16).

May the Lord bless and multiply our “five loaves and two fish” as we seek to bring Him glory through this ministry.

For the Gospel,

Costi W. Hinn

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